Oakley Dispatch


The folks at Oakley have put together their acclaimed Dispatch webisode series to make Oakley Dispatch: The Movie, filmed and edited by Lachlan McKinnon. The movie features Oakley team riders Bruce Irons, Julian Wilson, Jordy Smith, Sebastian Zietz, Kolohe Andino, Adam Melling, and others as they travel from Hawaii, to California, Indonesia, Reunion Island, around the world, and back again. If you have seen any of the webisode series then you will definitely appreciate the movie with amazing surf footage, and lifestyle scenes capturing the surfers having fun in their environment. Best of all, you can download the series for free at: www.oakley.com/dispatchmovie. This movie is well worth checking out, and you certainly can’t beat the price.

If you have the desire to travel and surf around the world, then you know it would cost a fortune without sponsors such as Oakley paying the bill. But, with the process of travel hacking you can reasonably afford to travel around the world to your favorite surf spots. One of the resources that I use is the Frequent Miler. For those new to travel hacking the Frequent Miler offers “Free Tips and Tricks” to help you get started on your way to earning frequent flyer miles and hotel rewards, and they also have a beginner series where they send out one email a week teaching you step by step how to travel for free and in style. So, don’t wait to get started learning how you can earn those miles that will help you on your way to surfing throughout the world. And while your at it, don’t forget to download the Dispatch movie. Its all free!!!

Oakley Dispatch: The Movie Teaser a Surfing video by Oakley




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