North Shore Sories


Have you ever wanted to surf the famed North Shore of Hawaii? The north Shore offers something for every level of surfer with its famous monster winter waves and its smaller summer waves which favor the beginner or more casual surfer. Stretching for more than 7 miles this area includes the famous Waimea Bay, Ehukai (Banzai Pipeline), and Sunset Beach. The Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing is held there every year from November-December, and is known as the Super Bowl of wave riding.

You must check out this surf video titled “North Shore Stories” which features interviews with surfers Gavin Beschen, Jamie Sterling, and Gabriel Villaran. The video highlights these three surfers showing off their skills in some of the world’s best waves, and includes some crazy wipeouts and some more-than-crowded lineups. The surf footage by Juan Bacagianis and Lola Fernandez is some of the best I have seen. The video is sponsored by Protest Boarwear, and you will find it very inspiring to fuel those dreams of surfing the North Shore.

The North Shore is located on the island of Oahu, about an hour drive from the big city of Waikiki. Haleiwa is the gateway to the North Shore, and this laid-back surf town has lots to offer with its local atmosphere and ambiance, including many shops and understated restaurants, and charming art galleries. There is something for everyone here on the North Shore, especially those interested in surfing.

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North Shore Stories by Juan Bacagianis a Surfing video by MPORA




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