Way of the Ocean – Australia

For today’s blog I would like to highlight an amazing surf movie available in DVD or digital download. Way of the Ocean: Australia explores “the connection between man and the sea” in a country devoted to the ocean lifestyle where surfing is more than a way of life.

The movie by Matt Kleiner, written by Tim Hawken and Matt Kleiner, stars well known surfers such as: Asher Pacey, Josh Kerr, Dane Reynolds, Adam Robertson, Taj Burrow, Craig Anderson, Jordy Smith, and Kelly Slater surfing different spots throughout the land of Oz from the Great Barrier Reef to the western desert  region. With a lineup with of surfing talent as this, and the breathtaking Australian backdrop of some of the best surf spots on the planet this film certainly delivers in both cinematography and surf footage. This film is actually the first of a five part series by Circulate Motion Pictures, and you can check out the trailer at Way of the Ocean – Trailer II.

I have been to Australia several times, but never surfed there. Such a shame. After watching the movie I am motivated to go back, this time with the intent of surfing some of the spots highlighted on the film. Of course that typically takes lots of money, or does it?

One of the travel hacking blogs that I follow in my mission to find affordable surf trip travel is Flying with Fish by Steve Frischling, aka: Fish. Steve is a globe hopping professional photographer and emerging airline media consultant working with large global airlines and founder of the Travel Strategist who has racked up more than a million travel miles. With all this travel experience Steve has been blogging on everything from frequent flier miles to ways to make your travel experience easier and more satisfying. Check out his blog to learn more about how you can have a better and more affordable travel experience on your next surf trip to Australia, or wherever your surf dreams take you.




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