Surfing the Maldives


The Maldives (known officially as the Republic of the Maldives) is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 250 miles south-west of India, and is a tropical paradise made up of 1,190 islands with deep blue seas, turquoise reefs, and white sandy beaches. The weather is usually picture perfect with sunny days, breezy nights and iridescent sunsets; while the water sports abound with world-class diving and surfing as two of the most popular activities. Needless to say, the Maldives are well worth experiencing, and what better way than to plan a surf trip.

All of the surf spots are reef breaks that are accessible only by boat, which can easily be found at many of the resorts in the area. The capital city is Male, with many resorts in the area, and there are several popular breaks nearby such as Jails, Sultans, and Honkeys (a left-hand break). Other popular surf breaks include Cokes, Chickens, Ninjas, and Pasta Point where you will often find fairly consistent swell and glassy waves. April through June is typically the best season for consistency with winds from the southwest.

Surf tours can be set up through companies such as Wavehunters, Waterways, World  Surfaris, or The Surf Travel Company among others. Tourism is one of the main economic sources for the Maldives, and the locals are very friendly towards tourists. Eco-friendly tourism is the focus of many of the resorts in an effort to preserve the pristine environment which is dependent on the health of the surrounding reefs.

Of course, traveling to the Maldives can be quite costly, and may seem like just a distant dream unless you are a travel hacker who finds ways to make travel affordable. One of the resources the I recently ran across is from Becky at New Girl In The Air. She is someone that you and I can relate to as she has a full-time job, and travels on weekends, with several international trips a year. Her blog details her quest to earn free travel in a realistic way.She’ll grab the easy airline miles and hotel points for award redemptions, and look for ways to save money while paying for the rest. Check out her blog, and see how the average person finds ways to make travel affordable.

Check out this video of pro surfer Mark Occhilupo and the Billabong girls surfing in the Maldives. See you there!!!




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