Postmodern Surfer

Hello all! I have kind of slacked getting much blogging done lately as summer is here, school is out, and my wife is home for the summer. Which means that I have been out surfing more in my free time, especially with the recent waves sent to us from tropical storm Andrea.

Today I would like to direct your attention to a surf video series that I found on YouTube titled, Postmodenr Surfer by Josh Pomer. To quote from the Surf Channel, “The brainchild of director Joshua Pomer, “Postmodern Surfer” is intended to capture the real/true life experience of surfing in the “postmodern era”—from the varying types of surfcraft being ridden by the world’s best surfers today, to lifestyle and surf culture”. 

There are currently four episodes, with more in the works. The first episode focuses on the life of surf legend Renny Yater,  his commitment to his craft, and his influence on surfing. The videos are very well done, and worth watching over and over again for their artistic and informational value. Josh Pomer is an award winning director and filmmaker whose movie The Westsiders about a Santa Cruz California Surf tribe won him numerous awards; while his recent documentary Discovering Mavericks has become increasingly  more popular.

For traveling to your dream surf spot, whether that be Rincon, Mavericks, or anywhere else in the world where there are great waves, it would be helpful to have an affordable way to fly and find accomodations. One of the better resources that I have found for those wanting to learn more about frequent flyer programs and how to get and use your miles to your advantage is FlyerGuide Wiki. A quote from their main page:

FlyerGuide is the ultimate resource for travelers who want to learn more about frequent flyer programs, earn more frequent flyer miles, and get more from their travels. Created and continually updated by frequent travelers, FlyerGuide is a collaborative effort where all are invited to share what they know about making travel more comfortable, relaxing and rewarding.”

Their website is loaded with information on airline frequent flyer programs, hotel reward programs, and other travel information related to helping you travel better at a more affordable price. Check out their site if you are serious about learning the techniques of travel hacking to get you affordably to next dream surf spot.




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