Peru-Land of Left-Hand Point Breaks


As a goofy-foot surfer I am always looking for good left-hand breaks. Well, it seems that I need look no further than Peru. Peru has endless miles of uncrowded left-hand point breaks, including Chicama which is quite possibly the world’s longest left-hand breaking wave, being fed swells from the Antarctic Ocean.

Ed Temperly has a great article on surfing in Peru found on the site called Travel Stories: Welcome to Peru. The article is well worth reading if you are ever interested in surfing Peru. He highlights surf spots such as Bermejo, Punta Huanchaco, Chicama, and Pacasmayo. The article also includes some amazing photos picturing both the waves and the culture of those areas.

Peru is increasingly becoming a popular surf destination, and offers miles of waves waiting to be discovered and ridden. There is a growing surf culture in Peru, especially in-and-around Lima, and many world class surfers are finding their way from Peru onto the professional surfing scene. Of course, there are also many other things to do in Peru including hiking the Inca trail and visiting the famous site of Machu Picchu. offers a package that includes surfing these spots mentioned above, as well as visiting and exploring Cusco and hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

When traveling to surf Peru there are many options for surf guides and transportation, and one of the most recommended is Surf Peru. Don’t miss out on this surfing gem of uncrowded waves,  friendly people, and good food and beer.

You may think that traveling to Peru is beyond your means, but there are many resources out there that show you how you can afford to travel all over the world, including Peru, at prices that you and I can afford. One of those resources that I would like to refer you to is The Ultimate Travel Hacking Guide by career traveler Matt Kepnes ( I bet you didn’t know that traveling could be a career – where do you go to school for this?). In this guide Kepnes explains how you can save hundreds of dollars on airfare, accommodations, and attractions.

So, with these resources you can start planning that surf trip to Peru and dream of when you will be riding those long lefts. There is nothing that is keeping you from this dream trip!




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