Rob Machado – The Controlled Slide


I ran across this video of pro surfer Rob Machado surfing an alaia (finless wooden board for surfing) in Peru. This finless surf session is classic Machado “laid back”, casual style and grace on beautiful glassy waves. Well worth checking out if you enjoy watching someone who doesn’t just surf for the money, but rather surfs because it is a form of art for him.

Machado hails from the area where I grew up and learned to surf (San Diego County), and is one of the most recognizable people in professional surfing. He remains one of the top goofy-foot surfers in the world with his fluid movement and humble personality in-and-out of the water setting him apart from many others.

Although the alaia board’s roots go back many years to ancient Hawaiin surfing, they have gained recent popularity with the introduction of prototypes and production by Tom Wegener, and as documented in the Thomas Campbell surf film The Present. This video  of Machado riding an alaia sure makes them look like so much fun as he casually demonstrates the “controlled slide” of the board on small glassy waves.

Another person that I would like to highlight in today’s blog is Rick Ingersoll, also known as the Frugal Travel Guy. Rick is an award-winning travel expert who offers advice on how “you can see the world at prices you can afford“. The thing that I appreciate about Rick’s advice on travel hacking is that it goes beyond just compiling frequent flyer miles. Ingersoll has identified twelve different techniques that can be used to reduce the price of travel to a point where almost anyone can see the world at prices we all can afford. It is well worth reading his story of how he and a friend took a trip from Europe to South America to Southeast Asia to Australia and on to Hawaii for the first-class fare total price of $310 each, including taxes. Read more at: Introduction | Frugal Travel Guy

Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t if you follow Ingersoll’s expertise and advice. Check out his blog, and start finding out how you can afford to travel the world, or at least to your favorite surf spot in the world.




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