Must See – Amazing Skimboard Surfing



Photo: Justin Smith

This is certainly one of those videos that you have to see to believe. Professional board rider Brad Domke hails from Sebastian Florida and calls his sport skurfing as he attacks the waves on a skimboard. It is one thing to see someone running up and down the shoreline with a board in their hand as they ride the small shore break waves, but Domke takes skimboarding to a different level altogether as he rides huge barrels on his finless board.

Domke rides professionally for Exile Skimboards, and regularly competes against other amazing board riders on the United Skim Tour (UST). These board riders are doing amazing things on skimboards, and are increasingly becoming more creative and more daring as they advance their sport to a new level. The UST is pleased to announce the 2013 UST World Cup of Skimboarding to be held in Sununga, Brazil from April 23 – April 28, 2013. I would love to be there first-hand to see this competition with my own eyes as the board riders do things beyond what I can even imagine possible on skimboards.

On the travel side of things I would like to refer you to travel blogger and frequent flyer miles master Brian Kelly  (No, not the Notre Dame football coach). Kelly’s blog, The Points Guyis filled with advice and strategy on how to maximize your frequents flyer miles, allowing you to travel anywhere in the world for next to nothing. If you are new to the concept of travel hacking check out his beginner’s guide , which takes you step-by-step through the things that you need to do to get started racking up frequent flyer miles.

Maybe you too would like to go to Brazil to see the UST World Cup of Skimboarding, and to do some sight seeing and spend some time just basking in the sun. Well, check out Kelly’s blog and start collecting those frequent flyer miles so that next year you will be able to attend this event, wherever in the world it is held.




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