Top 10 Surf Destinations


Credit: @benjaminsowryphoto is the world’s largest surf travel site, dedicated to providing surfers with “travel options in every coastal country in the world”. Some of the resources that they provide include surf travel guides to help in planning your trip, surf reports, accommodations, car rentals, boat rentals, etc. So, when you get ready to plan your next surf travel trip check them out to get the information you need to help deal with the details of the trip.

Surferliving recently came out with their Top Ten Surf Destinations  for Spring, including destinations around the world such as South Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, North America, Central America, and Southeast Asia. You may want to use this resource to see why these surf destinations are so popular for this time of the year.

Of course, we all know that wherever you want to go on your next surf travel trip it is expensive to get to your destination. That is why this blog is dedicated to providing surfers with the resources they need to get carry out their surf travel dreams. One of my favorite resources for helping to make traveling affordable for everyone is found by following Clint at Clint has used travel hacking techniques to affordably travel to over 50 different countries, and his goal is to show you how to see more of the world for less and start travel hacking. You may certainly want to check out his latest article titled How to Travel the World for Free to see how he uses travel hacking to travel the world for next to nothing, and in this case for free.

So, now that you have these invaluable resources start learning more about travel hacking through Clint, and start planning your next dream surf trip with surferliving. What is stopping you?

While you are at it, check out this great video of pro surfer Jeremy Flores traveling and surfing in the Basque Country. Peace,



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