Irish Barrels – Not Just Jameson


Although I do very much enjoy a glass of Jameson Irish Whiskey, today’s post is about another kind of barrel found in Ireland.

The short video “In Winter’s Arms” features big wave surfer Tom Lowe charging huge winter waves in Ireland, and riding barrels that most can only dream about. This is one video that is well worth seeing over and over again, with a wonderful soundtrack by Ben Howard and some amazing surfing of the coldest and heaviest waves that you could ever imagine. When you get a chance, check out Tom Lowe’s bio on his blog. Tom is a professional surfer originally from Cornwall, and  lives a very humble, yet incredibly brave life of fearlessly charging monster waves as seen in the video. This is one video that I highly recommend, and is best enjoyed whilst sipping on some fine Jameson whiskey.

If you are at all inspired to seek out your dream surf destination, whether it be Ireland or a tropical island paradise, you know that achieving that dream can be very expensive. That is why I feel led to provide surfers with the resources they need to be able afford to fulfill their dreams of finding great waves around the world. The biggest inspiration to me in the endeavor of travel hacking, and an inspiration to me in the idea of alternative  ways to live life has been Chris Guillebeau.

After reading his books, The Art of Noncomformity and The $100 Startup I was inspired to learn more about travel hacking. Chris is currently in the process of achieving his goal of traveling to every country in the world, and has provided some great resources on how you too can affordably  travel anywhere in the world, including that dream surf spot you have always wanted to go to. In his ebook Frequent Flyer Master Chris provides you with all of the information you need to get started on chasing down frequent flyer miles which will allow to travel wherever you want. Chris also provides ongoing frequent flyer information and resources through his Travel Hacking Cartel.

If you are looking for any one place to start in your endeavor to accumulate frequent flyer miles, then these are the resources that I would recommend. So, what are you waiting for? You now have a starting place to accomplishing your surf travel dreams. Let men like Tom Lowe and Chris Guillebeau become inspirations to you in living the life that is possible for you to live.




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