Surf the world for $500


Would you love to travel the world and surf your dream waves in Europe, Indonesia, Hawaii, Australia, the Caribbean, Central and South America.What is keeping you from doing this? The cost of traveling/airline fares continues to increase, and is the main deterrent for most of us in smashing our dreams back into our heads and keeping them from becoming reality. Or maybe you are like me, where you could afford to make that dream trip to Bali once, but then must wait and save for many more years before you can afford to do it again.

Well, the aim of this blog is to inform surfers that there are actually affordable ways to travel to your dream surf spot. As an example of this, I would like to refer you to Steve Kamb, who set aside nine months to travel around the world, covering 35,000 miles at a cost of under $500. Sound too good to be true? Well, it is not, and you can read the details of Steve’s trip and how he could afford to do this through travel hacking:

There really is hope for fulfilling your surf travel dreams, and yes, it will require some work and diligence on your part to acquire the needed frequent flyer miles, but the real beauty is that once you do this you can do it over and over again to go on exotic surf trips each year. What are you waiting for? Get out there and start planning that dream surf trip and collecting frequent flyer miles to make it come true.





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