GO BIG – Boys Smashing Dendelions with a Stick


San Francisco – The Golden Gate bridge, Ramen noodles, street cars, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Ocean Beach. When you think of San Francisco; huge waves, huge barrels, and huge wipeouts are not typically the first things that you bring to mind, but in the short film Boys Smashing Dendelions with a Stick you get all of these and more. The film is a piece from the critically acclaimed documentary series called Maverick Moments  made by The Go Big Project, and produced by award winning filmmaker Rocky Romano.

The film artistically highlights shots of the city and features surfers Josh Kerr, Damien Hobgood and Damien Fahrenfort riding huge waves with and experiencing huge wipeouts during one of the biggest swells ever seen at Ocean Beach. Romano includes poetic narrative and soothing music that lend to the artistic nature that makes the film more than just your average surf flick, and makes it a very special piece of art. Romano was invited to enter the film at the Shore Shots Irish Film FestivalIreland’s very first film festival celebrating surfing and surf culture from around the world. The film runs a little over nine minutes, and is well worth seeing for both great surfing and beautifully artistic cinematography. When you get a chance check it out below:


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