Highlight – A Strange Beautiful Life

Surfing and travel, two things that go together so very well. Tim Davies is a film maker who has documented these two things in a series of short videos titled, “A Strange Beautiful Life”. This series shows surfing and lifestyle from around the globe, including places such as Indonesia, Portugal, the UK, and his latest on surfing in Morocco. These videos are totally enjoyable to watch, and are some of the best I have seen in reflecting what he calls the “strange beautiful life” of surfing different breaks around the world. You can check out Tim’s videos at: http://timdaviesproductions.moonfruit.com/#/strange-beautiful-life-2/4574112114

Does traveling the globe to surf different world class breaks sound like only a dream to you? Do you wish that you too could surf Indo, Portugal, or even Morocco? Well your surf trip dreams can come true if you learn how to acquire frequent flyer miles allowing you to travel almost anywhere in the world for a very minimal cost.

Travis at “Extra Pack of Peanuts” http://www.extrapackofpeanuts.com/ has put together a travel credit card comparison that he titles 2013 Credit Card March Madness. He pits different travel credit cards against each other to come up with the best travel credit card for 2013. It is well worth reading these articles to find out how you can use credit cards to accumulate frequent flyer miles toward fulfilling your surf travel dreams in this “Strange Beautiful Life”.




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