Surfing the Enchanted Isles


What comes to your mind when you you hear the phrase, “The Enchanted Isles”? Where in the world does your mind take you? What islands are you thinking about: Hawaii? Indonesia” Tahiti”

Well, “Las Islas Encantadas”,  or “The Enchanted Isles”, are the nickname for the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador. These islands are famous for the discoveries made by Charles Darwin of many new and unique animal species not found elsewhere, but they also contain world class surf.

More than half of the island chain is national park land protected by Ecuador and closed to visitors, but the island of San Cristobal is open to the public and surfing, and has more than a half-dozen very good breaks, with at least four of them offering world-class waves. The island is an ideal surf spot as it picks up both North Pacific and South Pacific ground swells in equal measure with waves year round and rideable surf every day in the chest to head high range, if not larger. San Cristobal lies in an ideal geographical location and offers ideal weather and wind conditions year round. Sounds pretty great doesn’t it?

Of course, the Galapagos offer other activities as well, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, horse riding, eco tours, birding, etc. There are many great places to explore in and around the islands such as La Laguna, a lagoon in the highlands; Lobos Island, to spot unique bird species; and the dormant underwater volcano of Leon Dormido. For more information on surfing the Galapagos refer to:

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