The Best Left-Hand Pointbreak in Europe


This winter brought good surf to Europe, and the surf break at Mundaka in Pais Vasco, Spain was no exception. Mundaka is a fairly exposed river break that has consistent surf, most of which comes from groundswells, and is arguably the best left-hand point break in Europe. This is a world class surf break, and the wave is incredible and very powerful with a sand bottom that can break very hollow and shallow if the sand is built up at the time.

Mundaka is a great place to hang out and drink Sangias at night, and a short hop away is the town of Bilbao with its famed Guggenheim museum. San Sebastian in the other direction also offers a great place to enjoy the evening with wonderful nightlife and beautiful scenery.

Ever wanted to surf Mundaka? According to Carve Magazine,  “It’s a killer place to hang out and a wave you really have to surf before you die.” And the best part of all, is that you can actually afford to make this one of your dream surf destinations by using frequent flyer miles to obtain super low-cost air travel. Once you get there, the hotels clustered around the market have fairly good prices and are surf friendly.

Sound good? What’s stopping you from surfing here? I can help you to find out how to obtain frequent flyer miles, even without using credit cards in some cases, to make this trip come to reality. Stay tuned to this blog, and I will let you know how this works.




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