Noosa – “One of the Dreamiest Surf Spots on the Planet”


The Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational was recently held in Noosa Heads, Australia with Harrison Roach taking home the grand prize as the winner of the event.

The beach at Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia is part of a National Park, and is noted by as “One of the dreamiest surf spots on the planet”. Noosa National Park is home to a population of Koala, but the main attraction to the area are the beautiful beaches including the main beach and the small bays around the headland. The points at Noosa produce long peeling waves with perfect barrel sections, and it is fast becoming one of the recognized locations in ideal surf spots on the world surfing circuits.

Noosa is also home to the world’s biggest surfboard riding event, the week long Noosa Festival of Surfing, bringing longboarders and a variety of other board riders from around the world to take part in the festivities and competitions,

Good news! If you would like to include Noosa as one of your dream surf trips, I will be soon providing the travel hacking information needed to make this trip affordable. Not only that, this information will allow you to continue to visit your dream surf spots around the world year after year. So many places to surf, so many waves to catch. See you in the lineup.





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