Fathom Events – A Deeper Shade of Blue

Check it out!!! A new surf movie, or more accurately a surf story, A Deeper Shade of Blue, will be showing at a one night only event on March 28th at theaters throughout the country. This movie looks like it will be well worth checking out, and you can find out what theaters will be showing this through the Fathom Events Link: Fathom Events – A Deeper Shade of Blue.

Fathom Events, Hawaiian Airlines and New World Distribution are excited to bring A Deeper Shade of Blue — the story of the evolution of modern surf culture – to movie theaters nationwide for an epic one-night event on Thursday, March 28.

This is not a surf movie, it is a story about surfing’s deepest roots. Told in eleven chapters, A Deeper Shade of Blue combines innovative underwater cinematography techniques with a unique narrative structure, to uncover the art of surfing and the spirit of Aloha like never before. Adding emotion to the imagery, the film is coupled with a soundtrack featuring Paul McCartney & Youth, Foo Fighters, Coldplay and many others.

The pre-recorded event begins with a very special welcome from the red carpet premiere in Hawaii with a pre-recorded musical performance by Kaukahi featuring Jack Johnson. Following the presentation of A Deeper Shade of Blue, Director Jack McCoy will be joined by world-renowned surfing legends as they discuss the evolution, the culture and the impact of surfing from its beginnings to today’s billion-dollar-a-year global industry. Panelists include legendary surfing sensations The Marshall Brothers, Derek Hynd, Marty Paradisis, Terry Chung, and others.* And shortly after the panel discussion, we have a video collaboration from Sir Paul McCartney and Director Jack McCoy.

Hope you enjoy the movie,


via Fathom Events – A Deeper Shade of Blue.



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