20 Seconds of Courage



This is my new surf travel blog, which I intend to use as a platform to inform surfers worldwide about surf spots around the globe, and how they can affordably travel to these places to fulfill their dream surf trips. I will be referencing other  surf blogs and surf travel blogs, as well as giving practical advice on making air travel and hotel accommodations within your means so that you can start planning the trip of your dreams, and continue to do this year after year.


This blog will serve as the vehicle to inform and drive my new business venture in providing surfers with the information they need to be able to understand how they can use certain travel tools in order to affordably travel to anyplace in the world. With the price of airline tickets, baggage, and board bag costs continuing to rise, I want to help surfers around the globe see how they can afford to fulfill their dreams of going on the surf vacation they always wanted to.

I will leave you with a quote from Benjamin Mee as I attempt to find the courage to move forward in this new business of helping fellow surfers fulfill their dreams.

sun, surf, sand.




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